Marine Varnishing

Regular boat varnishing is important for protecting the woodwork of your boat to keep it looking and operating impeccably. UV rays from the unforgiving Australian sun alongside constant exposure to water cause the accelerated breakdown of layers of varnish protecting the woodwork of your boat from rot and leaks. This is also why you might find good layers of varnish peeling off woodwork as UV rays have caused cracks in the varnish allowing water to enter and separate the layers.


It is easy to prevent UV rays and water penetrating the woodwork of your boat by sanding back a coat or two of varnish and re-applying some more layers. If your boat spends a lot of time in the sun, it may require new coats of varnish two or more times a year to seal any cracks and prevent the wood from deteriorating. This may seem like a lot of varnish, but as the UV rays disintegrate the varnish, it thins and becomes easy to sand off old layers and apply new ones. Constant varnishing of the woodwork on your boat will make it look better every year.


At Mako Marine we specialise in high quality varnish finishes. We work on both interiors and exteriors of boats to produce finishes that will renew the look of your boat and make it shine again. Our expert Boat Painters and Varnishers can handle any job from completely stripping the woodwork of your boat and re-applying varnish or to just do a few touch ups to make it look new again.


Some of our Boat Varnishing Services include:


  • Varnish repairs.
  • Varnish restorations.
  • Traditional single pack varnishes.
  • Two pack varnishes and clear coatings.
  • Brush and spray finishes.


Mako Marine Boat Painters place attention to detail at a very high priority. We will do whatever we can to achieve the finish you had in mind for your Boats interiors or exteriors. If your boat is due for a touch up, for any questions or to book your boat in for a varnish Contact Mako Marine Centre on 0438 504 728.