Marine Detailing

Boats are often subject to a variety of conditions that can be harsh and damaging to paintwork. A combination of powerful Australian UV rays and constant exposure to water and other pollutants in the water can dull fiberglass and reduce the shine of metals and paint. It is important to not overlook these early stages of wear as it can often lead to greater issues like corrosion, rust and rot. It is very important to use boat cleaning products as industrial or home cleaning products can damage protective coatings on your vessel.


Marine Detailing is an often overlooked but important aspect to boat ownership. Marine detailing can enhance your boat and boating experience if done correctly. Correct maintenance is an investment into your boat that will keep it looking great for years. It is much cheaper to keep your current paint job maintained than it is to completely repaint your boat.


Not only does detailing keep your boat looking great, it also protects its resale value. Combined with a regular upkeep and maintenance plan, this process can be quick, cheap and easy. We offer competitive and professional boat detailing services for boats of all sizes.


Some of their services include:


  • Light & Heavy Duty washes.
  • Machine polishing.
  • General detailing from the top of the mast to the waterline and everything in between.
  • Pre-Sale Detailing.
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning.
  • Products used: Presta, Makco, Collinite to name just a few.



For any questions regarding our services or to book your boat in for a paint contact Mako Marine Centre on 0438 504 728.


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After years of use gel coats tend to become porous and will need to be removed as there may be years worth of oils, waxes and other pollutants trapped in the material causing any new paint to lose its level of adhesion. Holes, scratches and surface irregularities need to be filed carefully to retain a smooth surface.